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Patricia Michaels designs are created to flatter the beautiful lines and curves of men and women. Each hand-painted garment is done by Patricia Michaels and some of the finishing treatments are unique to her fashions. Each garment will be unique in nature with slight color variations and placement of the embellishments. She considers this an organic representation of each garment for each unique person.

How to Order


One of a kind custom orders can be setup with Patricia Michaels directly by messaging her via the form on this website's contact page. The initial consultation fee of $150 for the first hour and then $75 for each subsequent hour will initiate our custom order engagement. The full amount of this consultation fee will be applied to the total charge for the custom piece, once an estimate has been agreed upon.


Upon placing your order, full payment of the garment price will be charged.


If the project halts under unlikely or unforeseen circumstances, only 1/2 of the money paid can be refunded due to the purchase and cut of fabrics, natural hides, supplies for embellishments, dyes, chemicals and/or silver and gold, the time in preparing to create the garments and any contract work that was incurred. 


There can be no refunds once the custom piece is finished, or if it has been returned to me soiled, damaged, or used. I will not be responsible to pay for any extra shipping expenses.


Rush orders will cost an extra $1/4 of the prices if I don't have it in stock; Note it is rare that I would have someone's custom size available. This extra fee is non-refundable.


Any changes in the drape or silhouette are negotiable but may cost extra. I won't be responsible if the fabric loses its full imagery due to change in silhouette.


I will guarantee that your garment will be an original Patricia Michaels with my personal touch in the creativity. When it comes to a custom order there are no 2 alike. 

I will create a fit that is according to measurements that I'm provided with/or that I take upon the time I have the measurements and that the fit will be according to the design and measurements. 

I will have either a one month to 2 months turn around depending on the desired look. this is due some materials are ordered from specialty resources so I make take time in shipping. I guarantee that I use the highest of quality fabrics so this may sometime take time to order materials before I get started on the actual design. 


I time and work is a wonderful experience and the fact that it is still available as an art is a special time between designer and client.

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