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"Recollections to My Journeys to Blue Lake" in hommage to my Taos pUeblo elders who worked for 50 years this year cellbrating the return of our Sacred Blue Lake and forest. I was asked by the Harwood museum to do a peice that was for this 50 year anniversary. It is always an hone to work with museum where I get part of my inspiration along side with nature.

Each Piece on this garment is a modern interpretation of what a Native women would wear from my pueblo. I wanted this version to inspire the youth to be proud of the work our ancestors did for us and Mother Earth. The Taos Pueblo woman in this peice is an old and youthful soul. She becomes an icon for my Artisinal Mordernist Super Power giving inspiration lifes survival.

Recollections of My Journeys to Blue Lake

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