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Improving Study Skills

I watched a lot of Star Wars and Star Trek re-runs, played on the chess team and spent my time hanging out with friends and hastily turning in assignments that got me good enough grades to stay out of trouble and earn me more movie privileges. I didn’t have to study, and I didn’t have to worry. Then I went to college and boy was I in for a shock. My professor didn’t care if I had a chess tournament or I was watching a Twilight Zone marathon. He didn’t even care that I had 4 other classes.

According to improving them means first taking stock of where you lack discipline or ability. Look at the subjects you are taking in the term. Is there one that is harder or requires more work? Put it at the top of the list of things to do so you can devote as much time to it as possible. If you are bad in math but good with language, do your math homework first and double check it. Language will wait for you. Set aside a schedule of work and play.

If you know you have a paper do on Friday, spend one to two hours a day on it Monday through Friday so nothing overwhelms you. According to study daddy that also helps if you get deep into a topic and discover it will require more time than you had planned. There’s nothing worse for your grades than to discover at 3:00 AM the night before it’s due that you need a lot more research.

Part of the habit change that comes with getting a college degree is learning to discern what is most important. A chapter must be read before a report can be written. You have to put the information in your head before you can refresh it before the test. In other words, cramming words and phrases in your short-term memory thirty minutes before the test is not good enough and really doesn’t work. Remember, according to studydaddy study hard for your test on Thursday morning, and you can then watch Star Wars without worry all Friday night.

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